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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Updated Firmwares for apad/Moonse/iRobot – roundup 6 June 2010

Custom/Hybrid Firmwares are coming thick and fast for the apad, which makes the best one out there yet even better! I shall try to keep this post updated, so you can always find links to the released firmwares on this page.

aPad (not EkenM001 based) owners now have a choice of the following:

Official 0530 Custom firmware from the manufacturer:

For batch 2 with camera
English ROM
They have a link up now for those who don't have Rayfile

hellomerong’s Apad Custom Firmware (Official Firmware based):

APAD Custom firmware v0.2

I'm working on making custom firmware for korean apad user.
But I think it will be useful for global user even if it has korean keyboard.
The keyboard application is small and not default.
I'm not expert of android, APAD is my first android device.
It's just result of my android study.
You can update this firmware like Willo's method. The application for installl is included.
I changed this things.
ㅁ Use APAD's lastest official firmware 0530
ㅁ Rooted
ㅁ Add some application
    - Acomic viewer
    - Aldiko reader
    - iReader
    - MaketEnabler
    - Advanced task killer : change installed task manager to this
    - SlideME(SAM 3.42)
    - Youtube
After updating, you should calibrate touch panel and change language

hellomerong’s Apad Hybrid Firmware (Official Firmware and Archos7 Firmware based):

APAD Hybrid firmware v0.1

I made hybrid firmware that is mixed archos 7 and apad.
I think it works much better than original firmware.
It has the feature like below.
- Use archos firmware as much as possible.
- Rooted and adb, debug on
- All Google stuffs of apad are working. (market, calendar, talks, maps...)
- Camera works.
- G-sensor works, but malfunction. (It was malfunctioned on original apad also)
- Some applications that didn't work on original firmware work well. (ACV, robo defense...)
Included application
- Google stuffs of apad
- Advanced Task Killer Free
- Superuser
- Acomic viewer
- AppLib (archos market app)
- Deezer
- eBuddy
- ColorNote
- ES File Explorer
- iReader
- Aldiko reader
- MarketEnabler
- SlideMe
- Youtube
Remained problems
- can't use fullscreen(title bar display always exept preinstalled video player)
- display on/off button works as display off only, you should use menu or home button as display on button.
  Sometime(after long sleep), you should press menu button repeatedly.
- I didn't test external usb mass storage because it didn't work on my apad with original firmware.
- You should recalibrate touch pad after every reboot. (exit from sleep mode is ok)
After updating firmware, USB cable should be removed to calibrate touchpad, and change language.

rogerbraun’s Hybrid Archos7 custom firmware for aPad Test 3 (updated June 6th)

This is a custom firmware based on hellomerongs custom fw and the latest Archos7HT firmware release, version test-3. Archos parts are: Launcher.apk, framework files, media players.
What works:
New in test 3:
* Portrait mode works as expected!
New in test 2:
* Based on hellomerongs fw, so has root and all the nice apps he added
* Added Simeji (Japanese IME)
* Replaced media players with the Archos files.
New in test 1:
* Seem a bit faster
* Launcher looks a bit nicer
* Apps can run in real landscape mode (see Robo Defense screenshot)
* Droid Comic Viewer works, did not work for me on the original firmware
Features of base:
* USB Mass Storage
* Root
* Wifi
* Everything you would expect from hellomerongs custom fw
What is worse:
* Main button only switches display off. To switch on, use the menu button.
* After sleeping a long time, the display will not switch on just by pressing the menu button. Press the main button followed by the menu button to wake up
* No real fullscreen. As you can see on the screenshot, the menu is always visible. EDIT: Menu is NOT shown when playing movies using the Video Player. So fullscreen works for Video!
* Some apps are upside down when in portrait mode, i.e. Gmail. Comic Viewer works as expected, though. FIXED
How to install:

* Download the file and flash it instead of the system.img of hellomerongs firmware. If something does not work or you want a clean system flash everything from hellomerongs fw, only replacing the original system.img with this one. This is NOT an update.img file. You have to flash using the "harder" method which you can find in the 530 update (
* This should work, but no guarantees, so flash on your own risk.

Old Files:
* Test 2:
* Test 1:


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