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Sunday, June 6, 2010

endgadget gets hands on with the Eken M003 … needs to read this site or

Here’s a quick and dirty hands on video from endgadget on the Eken M003.  “Don’t know the CPU”, the reviewer says. Well, we do:)

Sanxi Android iPad KIRF hands-on

By Joanna Stern posted Jun 5th 2010 8:58PM

Oh man, have we seen a ton of tablets this week here at Computex. And if you asked us to pick out the best we'd have a really hard time, but yet, somehow, this KIRF iPad we stumbled upon at Sanxi's booth has been one of the more unforgettable devices we've seen... maybe ever! Yep, we spotted this plastic Android 1.6-running iPad-replica behind glass, and as soon as we got someone to take it out we were pretty much beside ourselves -- the plastic body is the same exact shape as the iPad, and it has identical controls including the circular homescreen button and a non-functioning switch on the side. The entire thing is made of plastic, which if we had to guess makes it about one-third the weight of an actual aluminum iPad. The 10-inch, resistive screen was pretty much as unresponsive as they come -- not matter how we dragged our nail on it it didn't want to cooperate. Surprisingly, it did have a working accelerometer, so there's that. Mind you, we realize there are dozens of these sorts of devices out there dwelling in Shenzen, but us Engadget editor's rarely get to see these sorts of things up close and personal, so hit the break for a short hands-on video and the gallery below for some shots of this wannabe.


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