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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Apad disassembly videos

aPad Disassembly videos

This first video shows the aluminum shell unit being opened. Note that this unit has the camera in the corner, The LCD screen is positioned such that there would be no room for a side camera, like the one I have here. The mainboard takes up only half the area of the interior, with the battery taking the remaining space. The background suggests this is a Hiapad video. The video can also be found on the Hiapad site.

This second video is by xaueious who is notable for his technical knowledge of the Apad. Search his name for other technical information. This video shows the plastic front bezel being removed. His unit has a red LED with the camera in the corner. The shell is plastic. It has a speaker slot in the back characteristic of the plastic shell units. He discusses how to increase the volume of the single speaker. There is discussion on this Hiapad blog on disassembly suggesting it may be the use of heat that damages the front film of the bezel. The same blog site gives a warning about flashing the blue LED units.

This follow-up video shows xaueious putting the bezel back on. Note that this disassembly results in cosmetic damage to the bezel.
This link shows a couple of Youku videos in Chinese that feature the plastic shell unit with a corner camera being disassembled. This looks like a Hiapad video.
I have written to davismicro for help in identifying the manufacturer of my unit (blue LED, plastic shell, 9V power, camera on the side, rk2808sdk, diamond on power button) and for help finding the correct firmware to download. Note: Davismicro does not answer my requests for information.