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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Endgadget reviews Pandigital novel

For a device so amazingly widely sold, there aren’t too many reviews out there.  Try this endgadget one though, and consider if you really want one:

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How to replace an apad screen

Cracked your Apad screen? Never had it work properly the first time? Courtesy of djxs, here is a step by step tutorial on how to replace an Apad screen:

Apad Touchscreen Repair/Replacement Tutorial



on 10-11-2010 at 09:01 PM (208 Views)

*Important - Always open your apad first to make sure that your touchscreen/cover is cracked and not your LCD screen. The touchscreen/cover will crack 90% of the time while your LCD screen will remain intact. The touchscreen/cover costs $20 while the LCD screen is $30.
You can purchase both the LCD screen, and/or Touchscreen/cover at Lunarsources. (Highly recommended!)
- Broken touchscreen on Apad. (MD01-V6.0, Red LED, 9V, Aluminum backing)

- Carefully remove the cover with a suction cup or similar device. Make sure to pop-up the connector for the ribbon that leads to the touchscreen/cover.

- Touchscreen/cover removed

- LCD screen still okay.

- With an exact-o knife or similar, carefully take off the top black cover/touchscreen off of the aluminum bracket

- Cover/touchscreen removed

- Remove any excess adhesive off of the aluminum bracket before sticking the new touchscreen/cover on again. Put your power/suspend button back in and make sure your touchscreen ribbon cable is on-top of the bracket before sticking it back on.

- New touchscreen/cover applied.

- Snap everything back in carefully, don't forget to hook up the ribbon cable for the touchscreen.

- Done!

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Hiapad – Apad manufacturer – posts VOIP download for Apad

Haipad posted a new download on their site [10/14]

Anyone try this out yet? What does it let you do exactly?
Chinese to English translation
Download Center
Software Download>> HAIPAD PHONE
Software language: Simplified Chinese
File Size: 1330
Finishing Date: 2010/10/14
Downloads: 684
:: Download::
┊ Download Address ┊
:: Download Instructions::
This is our own development of an IP network telephone software, you can install about play. Can make domestic and international calls; make your PAD is more fun.

This is what it does:

i tried it.
You can prety much configute any VOIP service you want.
I configured it for with no problems.
well.. no problems... The Mic and the speaker on my pad are very weak and since i have the account only for fun and free i have no one to call.
i can hear the voice on the other side but it seems i could not send a key stroke to finish the 'Echo test'
Makes me realy wish they would not build in a hardwired MIC but a 4 contacts headphone jack or a seperate mic jack.
calling the VOIP number from my landline made the pad ring =)
but now i have a 'missed call' icon in the task bar i cant get rid of.