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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Apad v Eken M001 – Which one to buy?


Re: which one better? eken m001 or idroid?

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My take on iRobot or eken m001, I have both
eken m001 – Turn on in 62 sec
Pro: custom firmware, Android 1.6, Compatibility with more apps, SD Card Slot, +/- keys
cons: Network Connectivity, Touch screen, screen size, looks cheap, lack of standard USB ports, poor battery life,
iRobot m003 – turn on in 56 sec
Pro: More solid looking, Touch screen more responsive, Network Connectivity, Market and Gmail apps, better Battery life, faster
cons: Android 1.5, incompatibility with a lot of apps, Mini SD Card, poor speaker can hardly hear it.
Right now I will use the eken m001 as my travel unit even though the battery life is poor I will use it to read my comics and E-books and watch a movie if the battery holds.  The iRobot I will use to check my G-mail surf the web.  If I could combine these unit we have a really good apad.


bricktop28 said...

nice review man, i was wondering what the main difference between these were. i just got out bidd on ebay for a m001. i have been doing allot of research on these devices i really wanna get an apad, but im gunna end up getting a m001 becuase of price. i plan on looking into a battery you can hook up to it instead of the one it comes with to increase its battery life. nice review.

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