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Sunday, June 6, 2010

hilltopper06 reviews Eken M001 (Dealextreme version)

General observations

« on: June 05, 2010, 08:13:24 PM »

I finally got my m001 today from DealExtreme (unbranded, so not EKEN m001).
The USB cable is crap (as noted by many others)
The charger is crap after 20 minutes (as noted by many others)
I have not tried any custom ROMs/firmware files yet as I think ECO has something big on the horizon.  I am using 1.7.2 'official' and after some configuring, it is very snappy!
I set my locale and configured the touchscreen with a Nintendo DS stylus, it is accurate and responsive.
When I try to use the device while it is charging, the touchscreen is very bad.  My input jumps around and is generally crap.  So if you have problems using the screen, try unplugging the charger.  For the time being, I am just charging with the device off.
Automatic Task Killer is great.  I can really tell that it makes a difference in keeping my m001 running fast.  Everything seems snappier once I set it up.  I lose my multitasking capabilities, but it is worth it.  Plus I can choose which apps to auto end.  You can get Automatic Task Killer here:
SAM 3.44 didn't work out of the box for me, it kept force closing.  I then tried 3.4 and let it upgrade to 3.44.  This worked for some reason.
I have the napkin effect on my device as well, but it doesn't bother me (which is surprising, because i expected it to).
Video playback is much better than I anticipated.  I was able to playback a 400x240.mp4 video at 1200kbs with no problems, in full screen no less.  I also noticed that 800kbs looks about the same, so I am using that to keep file sizes smaller.  I used WinFF to do the conversion (  There is a preset for Android in there, I used it and then used "Options" to manually set the bitrate (800kbs), FPS (20), resolution (400x240), and aspect ratio (16:9).  I also chose 2 pass.  This makes the conversion take longer, but is supposed to improve the video output (it probably doesn't make a difference).  You can edit presets so that you do not have to change these settings over and over.  I have attached a preset that you can import into winFF.  Just remove the .txt from the end.
Overall I am very pleased with the m001.  Some people have pumped it up (maybe more than it should be), but many, many more have called the device crap, which is completely untrue.  There are several applications and uses for the EKEN m001, and with the right ROM, this thing can kick some serious arse!  That is all for now, I will post additional findings later.


k3i k3i - sh3rmaiN3 said...

i just got my eken m001 last week. but somehow i deleted some files inside and now i cant play for my images, movies and songs. somemore there is a black box blinking on the bottom left part. what can i do ya?

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