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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another apad variant – but beware

Beware - More bad knockoff variations

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I just discovered this one.  Others might know about it already, but it was the first I saw it.
It looks like a NEW version of the Apad and is linked in from articles describing this new "IPed" by orphan, so people would automatically think they are getting second or third generation.


With the recent birth of the first Apad, the Android iRobot Apad, has come several followers, namely the Eken M003. We have gotten a hold of the latest of the Android Apad Devices and it is sub-$150 USD!
This is hard to believe, but yet, the M70003 MID Apad by Orphan Electronics is the re-incarnated Sheba of Apads.
Whether it is really a clone is debateable but one thing is for sure, Gadget bloggers will be going crazy when they first see the slim tablet with black face and white back running google Android 1.5 (a.k.a. Cupcake) and the most jaw dropping part is its $149.99 price tag.

Yes, its the QUEEN OF SHEBA of Apads...
Item   Description
Screen.....................7" high-definition LED screen 
CPU..........................VIA 8505
Operating System....Andriod
Main Frequency........300MHZ
Hardly an updrade?  They are just underclocking to try and get the battery life up a bit.

They claim its a rockchip cpu in the description, then in the specs say its a via 8505.  Other than that all the specs are the same as the m7001.


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