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Sunday, June 6, 2010

How to update aPad/Moonse/iRobot Firmware

Willo of explains all you need to know about what to do with the custom firmwares:

How too Update your Apad

1a. Download the firmware (found in the downloads section) or the custom firmware.
1b. Extract firmware (it's a zip file, so unzip it)
2a. Power off Apad, by holding the front button for three seconds till the shutdown screen pops up. Select shut down (it might say power down). 2b. Wait for shutdown to complete. Switching the toggle switch too off, then put it back to the on position.
3. While the device is still off, hold down the menu key (it's the left side of the button on the top if your holding it landscape) and plug the device into your computer via the lower usb port (again, if your holding it landscape) you will keep holding it till 4c
4a. keep a hold on the menu button, Windows will ask you for drivers for this unknown usb device
4b. Navigate it too the rk28usb-new folder in the update you unzipped earlier,  this should install the device drivers.
4c. once Windows recognizes the device, you can release the menu key.
5. run RKandroidDM.exe found in the RKAndroidTool folder of the folder you unzipped. It should say Device found! (if it does not, repeat steps 3 and 4c
6 click on the box next too the "New firmware Information" box and browse to the folder you unzipped, into the 'rockdev' folder and into the 'Image' folder there, you should find 'update' file.
7. click the 'update' button and wait. It will take about 5 minutes to flash the new rom onto your device, once done a message on windows xp will indicate success, and your aPad will automatically start to boot to the new firmware, You can unplug the usb cable at this time. The initial boot takes much longer than usual (about 8 minutes) so just be patient.
8. It will prompt you to calibrate the screen, do so.
9. Everything will be in Chinese, so go to  'Settings' and scroll down to the 7th item in the list and click on it, then click on the first iten in that window, next select English. Now install whatever apps you want on your Android.


Luke said...

Is this able to be done with the via processor?

Almafuerte said...

Can I update from GNU/Linux? I don't have access to any computer with windows. And I refuse to use windows, too :)

ManInBlack said...

Hi, i have a Apad Rockship 2808 with the Android 2.1, my problem is that when i plug the headphones in the 3,5 door, the speaker of the Apad dont turn off, is this normal?

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