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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Apad first Custom Firmware v0.2 released!

APAD Custom firmware v0.2

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I'm working on making custom firmware for korean apad user.
But I think it will be useful for global user even if it has korean keyboard.
The keyboard application is small and not default.
I'm not expert of android, APAD is my first android device.
It's just result of my android study.
You can update this firmware like Willo's method. The application for installl is included.
I changed this things.
ㅁ Use APAD's lastest official firmware 0530
ㅁ Rooted
ㅁ Add some application
    - Acomic viewer
    - Aldiko reader
    - iReader
    - MaketEnabler
    - Advanced task killer : change installed task manager to this
    - SlideME(SAM 3.42)
    - Youtube
After updating, you should calibrate touch panel and change language

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