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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Finally, decent Apad specifications and information!

First of all, everyone loves a TEARDOWN! (Tear down! Tear down! Fight! Fight! Fight! Rule No 1: You don’t talk about tablet club!)


The source of all this goodness? Here and here!

To save you the clicking, here is the key post:

Translated blog post from manufacturer

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Since chip3c is down is the site to check out:
chip3c feel free to use this if you want
Here's my translated version:


Our Apad is a MID based on the Rockchip electronics RK2808 platform.
Key hardware specifications:
1. CPU uses Rockchip's RK2808 chipset. This is the only 65nm ARM9 plus DSP core currently made in China. The CPU runs at a frequency of 600 MHz, and supports hardware acceleated 720p playback in various formats.
Some people would ask: how's the speed of these things?
We can tell you that using ARM 9 with the right blend of applications and platform makes it comparable for use on any PC, even though ARM9 by itself is not that powerful. This thing can even do 720p video. Just as with multi-core CPUs, the RK2808 is not just any single-core processor.
2. Using an independent audio chipset, the audio quality is good, particularily through the 3.5 mm jack. However note that the first production patch had a very quiet external speaker that is now resolved.
3. Uses a 7" 800x4800 display. Many Chinese customers who have purchased this device say that this is essentially a large-format MP4 player, and are very satisfied with the results. You can go online via wifi, read ebooks, go on instant messaging via QQ, play games, watch Youku (Youtube Chinese equivalent), Todou (another social video site with other features). If we take this thing to work, we are going to have too much fun!
4. Uses a resistive single point screen. We know that this isn't as good as what Apple has right now, but we had to make adjustments to achieve our desired price point.
5. Has a built-in accelerometer and TransFlash (micro-SD) memory expansion up to 16 GB. Typically 4 GB should be enough for most users. The memory expansion card is very important, as applications are installed onto the memory card.
6. Internal wifi component, supporting connecting to the internet via wifi. There are plans to for bluetooth and 3G connectivity support at a later date.
7. Built in 3000mAh capacity battery. Current batch has about 2 hour battery life. The battery capacity is projected to increase with a target of 5 hours for the production batches coming in October.
8. The outer shell is plastic. The backing can be ordered as either white or silver. While there is a built in camera, the resolution is quite low at 120 pixels wide.

So key specifications:
CPU: RK2808 at 600 MHz (ARM9 plus DSP for multimedia hardware decoding)
System: Android 1.5 with Android 2.1 upgrade projected around July
RAM: 128 MB
Battery: 3000 mAH, projected 2 hours
Screen: 7" LCD with single-point resistive input
Video formats: includes H.264, RMVB, MPEG-4, AVS, WMV9, up to 720p
Camera: 120 pixels wide
Customization: silver or white backing

And this … this, if true, is pure magic:

it supports android 2.1   rockchip will   provide android 2.1 flash rom in july。

Although, the Lord giveth, but he also taketh away:

I chatted with chip3c again last night.
The manufacturer is still focusing on the Chinese market for their devices. While they would like to support international buyers as well, they simply do not have the capacity to do that at the moment. However they are trying very hard to improve their product and streamlining various things.
In particular, there are a lot of software optimizations to be made. They are working to resolve all the issues now.

Watch this thread for regular developments!


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