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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What is an Apad?

Buyer beware! (Oh shite, I think this includes me!):

Understanding a Irobot Apad

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What is an Apad?  Apad is a tablet running an Android Operating System.  
Referring to a tablet as Apad is quite confusing, especially with so many Chinese version out there.  So, I will be referring to this specific 7" Ipad mini tablet as "IRobot".

There are different factories make the IRobot.  Even brand, such as Moonse and Orphan, came from the same factory.  These brand might use a slightly different part.  But, Generally, their spec are the same.
Common Spec

RK2808 600MHz

Android 1.5

128MB Ram, 2GB Nandflash built in

7" resistive touch screen

Gsensor and Wifi

Some of the more common Model are:
Moonse E7001 - White version
Orphan M001 - Silver version
Orphan M003 - White version
Since this is a hot seller, other third party will purchase these IRobot directly from these Factories.  Hence, we got some unknown brand IRobot.
Now, here is the main concern, the part (Spec).
Some of these Unknown Brand uses the VIA CPU.  (This is much slower)
Some also uses less efficient battery.  (bad charge, does not last long)
Some do not come with Camera.
So, before you make a purchase from a unknown source, you must be careful about the spec.

I’m looking at the one I bought from ebay … no camera … oh no!!


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