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Monday, May 31, 2010

Thinking of an Apad? Food for thought!

Re: M003 PCB pics!

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They're both playthings to have & fool around with. But not really production quality hardware.


That is exactly the point. The apad etc cost about $70 -$100 more, and they are definitely not worth it (ARM 11). Believe me, I have one.

The Apad with rockchip looks pretty decent in the normal (non-speed up) videos. It's not ?
For these prices i'm not expecting a blazing fast tablet pc. But right now the sellers are just milking the market..
For a cheap Asus eee x86 laptop, you could pay around $199
But for a much slower cpu, less ram & touchscreen people are paying $160 on Ebay.
Normally, when you leave out a lot of plastic, ram, usb ports & a physical keyboard (not to mention the Windows license and internal 160gb hdd) things tend to get a lot cheaper.


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