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Friday, May 28, 2010

apad/moonse/iRobot battery life

Here are some observations about the battery life of the apad:

really depends on how you use it. WIFI will drain the battery quickly, so that you might have 2 to 5 hours of non-stop web-browsing on the device (depending on how you set the screen brightness).
As an eBook reader you will easily get 5 to 10 hours of reading time out of the device (depending on brightness settings and with WIFI off).
I just re-watched the Lost finale on the device in 480p (WIFI off) and after 2h of video it still has around 40% battery left, so I assume video playback is like 3 to 5 hours too.
Stand-by mode does not take much battery at all, so I guess it has at least 48h or 72h of standby, if not more.


I tested video playback also. I watched divx 2h 30min with full backlight, wifi off. Then backlight was blinked rapidly, so I changed backlight level to 98%. I watched video 1h more.
I agree to gevrik. Apad can play 3 to 5hour depend on backlight brightness.


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