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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wait a minute, I came here for the Apads


By now, you will have know that the Eken 001 is evidently woefully underpowered, and frankly, pretty fugly. Enter the Apad. They all seem to look something like this:



Unlike the VIA MW8505 used in the Eken, this one apparently has a Rockchip 2808 in it, which is a half decent chip, according to Wikipedia, with a pretty useful looking co-processor:

This device is a licensed ARM926EJ-S derivative[1]. Along with the ARM core a DSP coprocessor is included [2]. The native clock speed is 600MHz. ARM rates the performance of the ARM926EJ-S at 1.1 DMIPS/MHz the performance of the Rockchip 2808 when executing ARM instructions is therefore 660DMIPS roughly 26% the speed of Apple's A4 processor.

The DSP coprocessor can support the real-time decoding of 720p video files at bitrates of up to 2.5Mbit/s.

You can also plug a keyboard into it (it does USB host), and the co-pro should enable 720p video. It also happens to at least look like an Ipad.  There, I said it.  We may be cheap, but we don’t have to look cheap. I’m waiting for mine, but read more from some people who actually have one here: 

Archos actually use the same CPU in their Archos 7 Media Tablet, which I’m naturally just going to assume will perform no worse than the Apad:

Why shouldn’t the Apad behave just like it’s twice as expensive French Brother? Chinese clone product manufacturers are renowned for their software and firmware optimisation skills and support after all! (Ah geez, c’mon, I ordered one, give me a break, OK?)


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