An android tablet a day keeps the apples away.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Defining a slatedroid/apad

It’s time to take stock.  What is a slatedroid/apad? I’ve got standards, so I’m going to set some criteria here. They:


* Come from the far east
* Be frustratingly hard to find any technical information on it
* Be incredibly, hilariously, and actually cheap relative to the real thing
* Run Google Android 
* Currently be available for sale (Even if it is only readily available in the West from sellers with names like Great-Phoenix-Deals888 on the internet (and if you’re in China, from places like this))
* Have at least a 7” screen
* Promise eternity; deliver reality


* Run WinCE (WINCE isn’t called WINCE for nothing)
* Be made by an single identifiable company with any concern for proper branding
* Have any form of official firmware support at all
* Have any coherent marketing strategy behind it
* Permit any potential buyer to reliably have any confidence in its internal specifications unless they actually buy one and rip it apart


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