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Friday, May 28, 2010

Which android apps to try on your apad?

My Favourite Apps for the aPad

FBReader (better than Aldiko because it preserves file layout and because I could not get Aldiko Premium from market)
NewsRob (for Google Reader and RSS Feeds)
eReader (for my and ebooks)
AComic Viewer (the only viewer that would work - had to get the APK from Softpedia)
Video Player (pre-installed, can play pretty much everything)
Default Android Music Player
Sipdroid VOIP (from Market)
beebPlayer (got the APK from my Hero phone)
Youtube (got the APK from my Hero phone)
(streaming does not work in fullscreen, since the players switch to landscape mode, which is portrait on the aPad)
Connectbot (from Market, can't see what you are typing because of landscape/portrait issue)
Memory Management
ES Task Manager (pre-installed, has widget that lets you kill all processes with one tap)
File Management
ES File Explorer (pre-installed, can access samba and windows shares over the WIFI)
Photos & Images
Photo Viewer (pre-installed)
Photoshop Mobile (from market)
Interactive Fiction
Neither Twisty nor Hunky Punk would work. Anyone know of another Android IF interpreter?


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