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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Telechips Android 2.1 Apad – Real soon now?


The APad we’re all used to seeing is the RK2808 powered version which runs on the admittedly outdated Android OS version 1.5. A new version of the APad has popped up and this instead features Android 2.1 in an interesting move, and is powered by the Telechips TCC8902 chipset, based on ARM11 architecture. This is a good move for the APad as the RK2808 version was more of a trial run for Rockchip. They have since announced the upcoming chip RK2818, which is supposed to run at 1GHz and will support Android 2.1/2.2, so this Telechips model looks to be in direct competition with that, beating it to the market. Another benefit of the TCC8902 powered APad is that it should be able to “handle” 1080p video, but we’ll see. It is presumed that functionality remains, at the very least, the same as the RK2808 version of the APad. Also, with the addition of 1080p support, one of the USB ports has been changed into an HDMI port. Things are progressing not all too slowly for the generic Android-powered Chinese MID market

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