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Monday, July 12, 2010

Rogerbraun Hybrid Rom v5.1


[ROM] Hybrid custom firmware for aPad 5.1 (updated July 3rd)

This is a custom firmware that tries to take the best parts of the several roms for the Rockchip: Archos 7HT, Ramos W7, aPad. This version will run only on an aPad WITH camera!
What works:
new in 5.1
* Wake-up issue fixed
* "Display turns off when trying to shut down" issue fixed
* 300 mb size for apps (thanks xaueious)
* Home key mapped to back (thanks xaueious)
* Adblock using host file (thanks xaueious)
* Removed everything (IME/apps) except media players/browser/gapps
* Starts up in english (thanks fun_)
* Rotating launcher (thanks again xaueious)
* Other stuff.

Grab it here:


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