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Monday, July 12, 2010

Apad HybridKangXau v1.3 Apad rom released

[ROM] HybridKangXau v1.3 Standard, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese Versions (07/05/10)

Batch2 only!
3 versions of my ROM now. English ROM is very similar to rogerbraun's. This release was made mainly for the Arabic and Chinese localizations.
Includes 300MB data, hardware back key, proper landscape apps...
Head over to my blog post for the full gist of what this is all about
I don't want to retype it 3 times.
Download link is here.
v1.3AR Arabic ROM Test direct link
Arabic ROM specific notes here:

It displays Hebrew and most other languages just fine, by the way. But I'll tune one for Hebrew maybe later:


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