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Friday, March 25, 2011

ZT-180 Apad review – Android 2.2 10inch tablet

RobertNL has posted a great review of the ZT-180, your for only $170 shipped from DealExtreme!

The ZT-180:
- ZT-180 1 x 10.2 "tablet
- 1 x Micro USB to RJ45 cable
- 1 x 100-240 Volt U.S. -> 9 volt adapter
ZT-180 Specifications:
Processor: 1.0GHz ARM 11
Ram: 256 DDR 2
Memory: 2GB NAND Flash (600 MB free to use)
Operating system: Windows CE 6.X or Android 2.1 (this one is outfitted with 2.1)
Display: LCD 10 (LED backlight according to the box)
Touch: Recessive
Battery: 9V 2400mA Li-ion (4 hours tested!)
Wifi: b / g / n (draft)
[I] [u]
Connections / Inputs: [/u] [/i]
- 1 x USB port
- 1 x mini USB port (OTG)
- 1 x Micro USB port (for network through micro USB to RJ45 cable)
- 1x Power in
- 1x Micro SD card slot
- 1 x 3.5 mm audio out
Hardware buttons / speakers:
- 1 x Back button (black square front screen)
- 1 x 6 last / most used apps (volume up button)
- 1 x menu (volume down button)
- 1 x power off
- 2 x 1 watt speakers
Diagonal: 320 mm
WxHxD: 268x179x15 mm
Screen Size:
Diagonal: 255 mm
WxH: 222x125 mm
650 grams
Build quality: (4 / 5)
So far not much negative to discover, all the hardware works well.
The only negative thing I can think now is the plastic back that you can press a bit, but the plastic seems very resistant. I also have had a bit of noise in one of the speakers, this was the second time I used it, after that it never happend again.
Speed: (4 / 5)
The speed is better than expected, of course not as fast as my Desire but all apps are ready for use in 3/4 sec.
From time to time (I usually do this if I decide not to use an app for that moment), it is wise to use the Task killer. This was pre-installed but it did not work propperly, So i got another task killer from the market. If I kill all apps its says there is between 75 and 100 mb Ram
(Touch) Display (3 / 5)
Because I already knew that the ZT-180 has a recessive screen, I had prepared for the worst. When I put the tablet in my hands the first time it felt really good, although it is not as smooth as my Desire, but still good enough to serve with your fingers (If you are typing a review like this, its good to have a stylus tho). Unfortunately, this screen does not support multi touch but with the 10'' screen you wont need that as mutch as on your smartphone.
The screen also looks good, the viewing angle is not great, but that is a disadvantage of the most cheap tablets.
Connectivity: (3 / 5)
[I] Internet: [/ i] On a wireless G network with wep security ZT-180 works fine the internet speeds are very good. Unfortunately I have no chance to test an N network since I do not have one close.
Bluetooth: Unfortunately I can not find how to use them.
GPS Not possible as far as i know (it could be that there some external dongles + filmware that work)
Cellular: Here are a few types of 3G dongles to get, unfortunately I have none of these dongles home here and they are expensive to buy separately. Moreover, I make my Desire a hot spot if needed.
Additional relevant information:
Android 2.2 (Froyo) has been released for public testing!
ADW launcher for installed (works well at what setting)
Task killer included (Widget did not quite properly)
With last true movie 1030: Working Market!
Supplied with full film 1030.
Plays 720P videos without problems. (tested 2)
I believe a good tablet for a reasonable price, you should not expect Ipad because then you get a rude awakening. Froyo with the prospect (which is said to become faster and more economical tablet) seems a good buy have been. The recessive screen takes some getting used but works well.
So if you are looking for a good working Android 10 tablets at a bargain price then this is definitely a choice on your list should be.
Photos :
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angry birds:
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Phone my PC:
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Back of the box:
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Movie 720P video playback
Bought it somewhere else, but i think the review could help some peeps here ;)


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