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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

HeroTab C9 Tablet giveaway!

Just follow these simple instructions:

HeroTab C9 Tablet Giveaway

User is offline Mp4 - 03-04-11 07:25 - 4 comments

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That's right we have another tablet to giveaway thanks to our friends over at,And as always we like to keep things simple
The rules to win this tablet are simple but must be followed , any emails or pm's sent directly to me about the contest will be deleted.
To enter:
1:First open up your email program ( i like gmail cuz its fancy)
2:In the subject line put " C9 tablets rocks"
3:Send this email ( send it anywhere else it will not count.
4:If you are the Winner of this bada$$ tablet you will receive a email and will have 24 hours to respond.If a reply is not sent within 24 hours
another winner will be chosen and the clock starts ticking down again.
5:Please make sure you are able to receive email from Merimobiles and
6:The giveaway will end April 15th 2011



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