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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Apad Telechip TCC8902 Review from Slatedroid forum



Apad Telechip TCC8902, is FINALY here! My review

SO! After a month and a half of Paypal disputing and crappy customer service with Chinese vendors my apad with the telechip has finaly arrived. Now that is is unboxed and in use, I'm not sure if I'm happy or not
First thing: this is the website which I bought it from > Apad iRobot Telechip TCC8902 7" Android 2.1 Tablet PC
I would not and could not recommend to anyone, to purchase anything from this company based on my experience. It was pretty much a nightmare. They ran me around in circles for a bit (your tablet is going to ship today/tomorrow/in two weeks/ a month later). I eventually had to call in for reinforcements from Paypal to get this all sorted out. And what arrived in the mail, pretty much pissed me off. It came a) slightly damaged, b) synced with someone else's Gmail, and c) not quite what I paid for. When I first purchased the tablet back in July they swore up and down that it would be coming with an HDMI output and 4GB of internal storage, which of course was not the case. Nonetheless enough of my nagging. Lesson learned; don't buy cheap technology from China.
Now as far as the performance of the tablet, it's not all that bad. It's a fairly snappy device. The touchscreen is one of the better resistive ones I've played with, and there is software loaded to emulate multitouch gestures (not very effectively though). My biggest qualm with this device is when playing games and I press the touch screen it pretty much destroys the gameplay. It starts lagging and is right on the bleeding edge of freezing. Very frustrating. I've also been having quite a bit of compatibility issues with apps. A good amount of them downloaded from the market (which is the official android market) end up just force closing on me or they have jumbled screens etc.
The G-sensor is fantastic and pretty responsive. Autorotate is 4-way and it works nicely. I was playing games like Abduction and Tilt Labrynth flawlessly for the most part. One thing I did notice while I was calibrating the G-sensor, even when I set the tablet on a completely flat surface, the sensor does not register as staying completely still. It still wobbles back and forth ever so slightly. It was kinda irritating while playing tilt labrynth, with it being 3D graphics, the tablet would be laying still and it looks like a small earthquake is happening in the game. No biggie but I wish it was fixed.
As for the built in camera. No way in hell it's 1.3mp as advertised. It is complete crap, pictures are really blurry and I can barely make them out. I'm inclined to think it's the plastic touchscreen over the lense that is making the camera look so crummy. To be honest if I had a choice I'd rather the camera not be there at all, even if it was offered to be on the tablet for free.
The UI of it is okay. It has working volume controls on the notification bar. Controls to adjust screen brightness work. Unfortunately it has no home button and the option to set the function of the button on the front does not work. So I have to use the back button on the top of the tablet. So if I'm browsing the internet, in order for me to get back to the home screen I have to hit back through all of my previous pages until I get to the first page again. Reset to factory setting doesn't work, which is unfortunate, because the tablet came pre synced with god knows who's gmail account, and apparently the only way to remove it is to reset the tablet.
Wireless is surprisingly good as far as range. I'm able to connect to my home wifi from places my laptop can't. Though it does eats right through the battery life, which is very poor to begin with. A full charge with wifi on is only about 1-2 hours of runtime. With wifi off I only get about 3.5 hours.
The tablet has alot of potential if someone spends some time to make a better working ROM. I'll upload some pics later today. Hope this gave a bit of insight of some kind to you guys.


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