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Monday, December 5, 2011

The 10 Days of Dingoo Competition. Easier than falling off a bike …

The indomitable guys at can’t get enough of the eyeballs you all so generously donate, and although the response to their last sponsored competition was, shall we say, anaemic, you can’t keep a good ecommerce site down! They’re back for more, offering YOU, Dingoo fans, something to while the days away until the silly season truly explodes.

And so today, I announce the 10 Days of Dingoo Competition, where if you can’t lift a finger to enter, then well, I fear for Gen Y.

Starting 5 December 2011, and then on 7 Dec, 9 Dec, 11 Dec, 13 Dec, 15 Dec, 17 Dec, 19 Dec, 21 Dec and 23 Dec (each date is a “Competition Day”), there’ll be one prize on offer each day.

The grand prize on the 23rd is a frickin’ Dingoo A330, delivered to your door!

All you have to do to win a prize is:

On each Competition Day, email me at :


In the Body, include

Your Name, Address and the Magic Words: “Welcome from [Insert name of Country]! Gimme da frickin’ Christmas Joy!!”.

Feel free to tell us more about why you love the dingoo … or how you the music died with Michael, or if you’re hot, send naughty pictures … but every entry must contain the magic words to be valid!

I will randomly pick an email entry for each Competition Day, and that lucky entrant will win the prize for that day!

This is the loot on offer:

PRIZE PICTURE OF PRIZE (Most obvious header. Ever.)
5 December 2011 1 x Angry Birds Iphone Case
Angry Birds Pattern Protective Case for Apple iPhone 4
7 December 2011 1 x Cat piggy bank
Cute Cat Shaped Coin Bank Decoration-White
9 December 2011 1 x Universal Screen mount
Universal Car Windshield Holder Mount For Iphone 4G 16G
11 December 2011 1 x Frickin’ Angry Bird (geez, do they peck)
6inch Angry Birds Red Bird Plush Doll Toy W/ Sucker Strap
13 December 2011 1 x Sound Activated Christmas T Shirt:
Christmas Tree Sound Activated EL T-shirt
15 December 2011 1 x USB heating blanket
E-Warmer USB Heating Blanket Washable
17 December 2011 1 x Air guitar thing, like yeah, Man
Air Guitar Pro Infrared Sensor Guitar Built-in10-Music
19 December 2011 1 x Dingoo A380/A330 Wireless Controller
Wireless Game Controller for Dingoo A380 A330
21 December 2011 1 x USB Webmail Notifier Machine
USB Hub Webmail Notifier Warning Machine
23 December 2011

1 x Dingoo A330!

Err, embarrassingly, I’m not quite sure if it’s this one:

or this one:

Stay tuned though – it’ll be one of them!!

I can’t  make it any easier than that guys and gals, and you all deserve it; after all, without readers, this would be a sad little place … and so, thanks to , get emailing, and good luck to you all!

BTW: Tweet, facebook and all that jazz, ok?


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