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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Android 2.2.1 firmware for Rockchip Apad released! (Alpha)

Android 2.2.1 for Apad Batch 2 based on Cyanogen MOD (ALPHA1)


After some time working on the source, I still was able to get more or less a working build. I call him "ALPHA1".
Warn that rom is slow.
In the current build works
1) Sound
2) Wi-Fi (need testing)
3) SD Card
4) Touchscreen (might not work, because not all devices on the same screen, or perhaps for your screen need the other calibrations. Write in this thread if you have any problems with this) (in next build you can add your calibration into calibration shell script located on /data)

Does not work:
1) Sensors
2) DSP acceleration for video
3) Mounting tablet as a flash card to your computer (for sdcard it will be work in next build)
4) Move applications on sdcard (problem of old kernel)
5) Menu Settings->Status (will be work in next build)
6) Lock screen (will be work in next build)
7) Problem with read tags of sound files (not exactly, need testing. maybe problem of cyanogen mod)
8) May be some applications not working, because I have not tested them all.
9) Camera
10) JIT (will be work in next build)
11) Status bar buttons (may be in next build, how to add is clear, testing...)
Perhaps what's more, because I have not tried all the things.
Warn that can some things of cyanogen mod responsible for changing the settings of Java machine aren't work, because I replace some library to similar library of froyo (cyanogen mod's library is not working). (will be fixed in next build)
By the way, works DSPManager. To adjust the sound in your headphones you will need to change the settings for Phone speaker. Also, there are some flaws in the display of certain programs (for example - the status bar). I will try to solve this problem. Also, try to figure out how to add buttons into the status bar.
Link for download: - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!


They said it couldn’t be done – but give some hackers a community and something to aim for, and before you know it, the impossible is suddenly very possible! fkcoder releases a new Alpha Android 2.2.1 for our favourite Apad!


Fahrizal Adi W said...

What you mentioned from number one to eleven it is a problem in the firmware ?

Fahrizal Adi W said...

What is firmware can MOVE Apps TO SD ??

Anonymous said...

Wait, wtf? So you can't use a camera with this version? PFFT, then I'm not wasting my time with this. I'll wait for the next build.

The Geeks said...

hi..Im college student, thanks for sharing :)

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