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Sunday, August 8, 2010

More Apad warnings! Read this if you’re about to buy one.

This stuff is so important, that it needs to be spread far and wide! Remember, for all things apad – any pad but ipad, really, goto

Here’s some must read information, if you’re planning on buying an Apad, as at today (Original here:

Warnings over Apad iRobot / Moonse E7001 New Mainboard Versions




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Some of you Apad iRobot / MoonseE7001 users may already be aware of the different revisions we already had for the Apad iRobot / Moonse E7001.
As of right now, the new batch is shipping with 9V chargers and different mainboard layouts. However, there may be different variants of the new mainboards, as users have reported bricks and variances in flashing their tablets.
The following is only several discussions where confusion has arisen about the new Apad models in the device forums:
As of right now, if you are not sure of what tablet revision you have, do not upgrade your firmware to a custom one. This applies to all owners with 9V chargers.
Image from

New motherboard with unknown LED color on the left, batch 2 on the right. I'm not sure if the left board is another revision.
iWeb variant with blue LED new motherboard, from Slatedroid (not sure which thread right now). I had confirmation that this was a newer revision from the batch 2, but I'm not sure if this was actually batch 3:

Here's the statement from, but it is not clear what the actual different models are now:

The Apad iRobot is now its third major hardware revision, batch 3, typically most easily identified by a blue colored charging LED for the time being. . The new motherboard Apad iRobots are now shipping to distributors, as quality has stabilized. (There is a red LED variant of the new motherboard as well, but they in fact do not come from our factory. We will not support that product here.)

I have communicated with users with 9V chargers and red LED charging lights who seem to be shipping with same 0612 firmware available on intended for blue LED devices.
Right now I'm confused too. But hopefully this will clear itself up.
There also seems to be a different plastic mould.
New plastic mould for Apad (source QQ, Aug 6):

Old plastic mould and metallic edition, side by side comparison (source Chip3C of HiApad):

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  1. - Today

    Very nice blog xaueious
    Please accept my comments as more info- if the below offends any one please advise asap so that I may delete it right away.
    The comments below are noted as additional info only.

    The Apad that’s in question here (with the new metallic casing photo) is not my factory product.
    The original aPAD product is still plastic and has printed markers for ON/OFF, HOME/MENU buttons
    There are currently 3 factories making the same model- because the casing and the hardware + spare parts are easily available.
    However the difference is in the quality of the hardware - where in the manufacturer selects the best or worst to try and get a better price and profit.
    It all depends on which factory it comes from - even though its the same thing.
    Most seller claim they are manufacturers- what you guys don’t know is that 90% of them work from their homes as traders - its becoming a huge issue now.
    These jokers are the ones who have spoilt the market- without experience of business or the ethics of supplying quality products - they are the ones who make a bad name for legit people.
    Hence most of you get scammed or are confused on what’s right and what’s wrong.
    You get stickers, barcodes etc made for USD 6/1000 in Shenzhen - its not rocket science.
    HIPAD is a brand by the trader who has selected to market the product in that particular name and I am sure he is doing his best for his customers.
    However the genuine factory that makes these tablets does not brand them at all- it comes in a neutral no brand unit with the packing some times called APAD/IWEB/IROBOT- because it is easily recognized by the buyers and hence they all look the same to the customer.
    The reason there are so many low quality products out there is because people want them cheaper and cheaper- hence the seller will try and adjust some components to lower cost and the classic way is cheaper LCD and cheaper battery.
    The genuine suppliers have problems selling because such scammers are giving lower prices hence more and more faulty products in the hands of the customer.
    This is also putting pressure on genuine quality manufacturers who then have to try and work out their own ways to make the product viable to sell.
    - 7" ROCKCHIPS 2808 is manufacturers by 3 factories in SHENZHEN and modified by god knows how many traders for battery and other components.
    - 10.2" ZENITH ZT-180 is also being made by 3 factories now with shocking quality.
    The market is a mess now, with the influx of these so called new companies being formed by young out of college or 2 months sales experience employees who have access to the markets.
    I salute Mike who is working day and night in keeping this forums going...great man indeed.


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